Rosie has a passion for empowering men and women who have come from the same religious background and limiting belief system as herself. What she is finding is a group of leavers who struggle with placement and belonging in the ‘outside world’. 

A lot of damage has been done to self-esteem, self-respect and in many cases dealing with ongoing trauma associated with CSA (child sexual abuse), domestic violence and mental and emotional abuse. Not being encouraged to express opinions and their experiences being shut down has meant many leave without a voice and a real loss of self-worth. Many deal with guilt, shame, resentment and bitterness whilst they try to live a life where programming has them believe they are eternally lost.

Pathways To Mindfulness (PTM) becomes a perfect solution in building self-worth as sustainable values become clear and when re-programming becomes love based rather than fear based (old programming), miracles happen. These include, inner peace, stillness, contentment, joy and fulfilment to name a few. 

Many women followers in the past have been encouraged not to work, have careers, or higher educations. They are encouraged to give their all to the church and its people. Many men and women will go on and become a ‘disciple/worker’ but if they choose to leave, they are often discarded penniless with no home, job or any form of security. Most are ostracised and cut off from all they know. Because many have been encouraged to be dutiful and subservient often financial support is not available.

After working with many in these situations, Rosie saw how blessed she was to have support both financially and with professional help to rebuild her life. From that moment, it became a life-long vision to set up a foundation to offer financial support for personal growth to become available, so others too could re-connect with who they are and begin a life where inner peace and stillness is a real experience. 

She has been blessed to have donations, sponsorships and ‘pay it forwards’ to make a difference to many lives since 2014. These recipients are from different states and countries across the world and participate in different platforms of the PTM program.

A huge shout out to those who have helped her touch these lives. If you feel the need to work with Rosie after leaving this group (The Truth, The Way, The meetings, Friends and workers fellowships, church with no name etc.) but finances make it seem out of reach, please contact her with an expression of interest for when funds become available. 

If you on the other hand have surplus funds and you want to be involved in making a difference, please contact her to find out more about sponsoring/donating. (This is not currently set up as a ‘not for profit’, but this is the intention for the future). 

Rosie’s bigger picture: There will be many mentors (from the same background) trained in PTM Mentoring and other supporting processes to support and guide those who are ready to wake up, be aware and be mindful. Once again by finding their gifts and ‘gold’ and now using it to make a difference one person at a time.

*It isn’t Rosie’s objective to make this religion or any religion wrong, however she does see a need to offer a gentle way for people to experience freedom without the structure of religion. It is of utmost importance to clarify that the program isn’t about having one change their belief system but to consider sustainable values.