Mindfulness Programs

Rosie delivers a program that encourages neural pathway development by remembering in each moment that there is a kinder and more honouring choice for self, others and the planet. Shifting from non serving habits effortlessly rather than through the use of willpower and discipline allows the implementation of change to be sustainable.

Most programming has been formed within the first seven years by family, society, culture, DNA and either highly ‘traumatic’ or extremely ‘happy’ experiences. This programming becomes default/autopilot behaviour thoughts and feelings and ninety-five percent of the day is spent on autopilot.

Three aspects stop change from happening:

1: IGNORANCE – We don’t know what we don’t know.

2: AVOIDANCE – We know but we can’t or don’t want to do anything differently.

3: ATTACHMENT – We know that we need to do something different , we know what to do, but discipline and willpower aren’t enough to sustain change.

Firstly, for any change to occur you have to AWAKEN. Often health issues, lifestyle disease, loss of loved ones, loss of career or material possessions or mental, physical, emotional and spiritual suffering forces you to WAKE up.

Once one is AWAKE , one becomes AWARE. Awareness is the gathering of information beyond what is already known, what has been programmed and what one is exposed to.

Being MINDFUL is about having choices from the new awareness with the ability to be kinder to self, others and the planet. Kinder choices encourage different reactions and responses to triggers.


This is an opportunity to explore the mental (how you think), physical (what you do), emotional (how you emote) and spiritual (what we desire) awareness. By looking at sixty statements that help to see your current reality and then creating a vision of what a more self-honouring reality would be. This provides tools to see life through another perspective and to begin to see how nothing through life’s experiences is ever wasted.

ENHANCES AWARENESS PROGRAM (approx 15 weeks/unit)

This is a premium program designed for anyone who is wanting to improve their quality of life. This is a year-long personal mentoring program (three units in total) that systematically guides you through three units (complete with high quality workbooks and journals) to develop neural pathways that are honouring to yourself, others and the planet. The weekly engagement of one on one sessions, means that you get to use ‘real-life’ to explore shifting perspectives, observing triggers and stepping into life without drama. Working with a mentor to gently guide you through a process of change without using willpower and discipline. At EAP we believe for change to be sustainable it needs to become a self-honouring choice from a place of love, not driven by fear. Mindfulness allows for recognition of kinder ways to engage life. Rosie works with a limited number of clients through this process, contact her to see availability and payment plans. Seventy-five percent of Rosie’s clients are national and international. These sessions can be done through Zoom/Skype.


This is a short course focusing on five steps to create change. Ideal for individuals, couples and group workshops. This program is using parts of the full Enhances Awareness Program and is done individually (weekly sessions) or in group sessions (two and a half day workshop style). This is best suited to those whose resources of time and finances are limited but are still keen to start the momentum of ‘awareness’ creating change. Each persons individual story (coming from the first seven years) is discovered and time is spent highlighting the ‘gifts’ from this story. This helps us to see how we can use the experiences of our lives to make a difference in the world by changing perspectives. Please contact me for further pricing on group work and for couples. All group work and couple workshops are co-facilitated with my life partner Russell Sturgess (westernmindfulness.com.au)