About Rosie

Rosie’s background of strong, limiting beliefs resulted in a transformative process that began in 2010. It saw her be committed to a search for freedom from fear, as well as gaining self-respect and building an appreciation for her self-worth through self-development. In 2014 Rosie began PTM (Pathways to Mindfulness, formerly known as EAP) and found a whole new way of engaging in life. By becoming an EAP mentor she helps others find their own ‘gold’, by guiding them to engage in their own transformative journey. She has guided many people to be more aware of unconditional love and kindness, helping them to live more mindfully. Rosie now has her own business – Awake, Aware and Mindful, where she practices Bowen Therapy, Reiki and is also a Mindfulness Mentor with clients local, national and international. Believing that “nothing is ever wasted”, Rosie saw how her own life journey has been instrumental in helping her to fulfill her passion. Being on purpose is how she makes a difference in the world.